Example 1: Add Realistic Firework To Your Photos In ONE CLICK

☆ Add FIREWORK to your photos in just a click!

Inside of the IAMRENSI Firework Painter Brush you'll find 8 Firework Brushes that can be used to create firework in just a click. And 2 Firework Painter Brushes that you can use to write or draw in firework style!

Add one-click firework:

  1. Open the photo you want to add firework to
  2. Create a new pixel layer (rename to 'firework')
  3. Select one of the 8 one-click Firework Brushes
  4. Make sure your foreground color is set to white
  5. Click to create firework

Change firework color

  1. Select your 'firework' layer
  2. Open the Layer Effects panel (FX)
  3. Add an Outer Glow
  4. Pick your color
  5. Play with radius and intensity slider until you're happy! :)


↳ Click COMPLETE AND CONTINUE at the top of the screen to watch the NEXT VIDEO and learn how to WRITE/DRAW firework using the Sparkler Brushes!

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