— WHO AM I? —

NAME | Rens van Daalen

NICKNAME | Rensi(e)

DATE OF BIRTH | 4 March 1992

COUNTRY | The Netherlands

LANGUAGES | Dutch, English, German

PASSIONS | Photo Manipulation, Snowboarding, Traveling, Vanlife, Deep Conversations, Dreaming Big

A few years ago (2017) I stumbled upon the world of photo manipulation. A moment that I’ll never forget...

On my stay in Finland I was scrolling to my Instagram feed on another rainy day, when this image grabbed my attention. The image showed a floating balloon fox without legs, pictured as if it was a photograph. I was blown away. After diving deeper into the artist behind it, I soon found out the image was created by a digital photo manipulation artist named @ditpict.

Shortly after I discovered more photo manipulation artists, proving the endless possibilities of this art form.

"A world where the only limitations are your imagination and editing skills."

I decided to invest some money and quite some time in courses and tutorials for the next months, started learning the basics of photo editing and photo manipulations, and… I sucked…

Looking back to my past-self, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I was working on a cracked version of Ps CS6, I had no single clue about color, saturation and lighting. I had never heard of adjustment layers and dodging & burning. On top of that, I had no idea where to find good images, or what to look for. 

"I had absolutely no idea what I was doing..."

So I started following courses and tutorials which included follow-along lesson material. And after one year of trying and struggling to get better, I managed to re-create the image of the floating balloon fox, that inspired me to start all of this in the first place.

"It took me 1 full year, but honestly I was quite proud of it..."

It took me 1 full year, but honestly I was quite proud of it... PLUS it turned out to be the start of what I’m about to tell you!

Over the next 2 years, up until today, I've spent hundreds of hours trying to create whatever pops up in my mind when scrolling through beautiful stock images, I’ve started following and studying what other artists create and try re-creating what they do with the images I could find. I've learnt how to work efficient by using the right techniques and improved my editing workflow drastically by using keyboard shortcuts. While learning this I’ve created hundreds of surrealistic photo manipulations, for both my clients and for fun, trying to get 1% better every single project.

"Over the next 2 years [...] I've created hundreds of surrealistic photo manipulations, for both my clients and for fun"

Not so long ago I decided to share my work on social media, which resulted in an audience including over 7,2k+ subs on YouTube, 1,2k+ followers on Instagram as well as 900+ students at the IAMRENSI Academy. After sharing my work and tutorials on Instagram and YouTube, I received tons of requests if I could teach certain photo manipulation techniques or skills...